Monday, June 23, 2014

5 planned things to do in Malaysia


Yet another 'cannnot steng dis' post.

These are few the things that I get to do this summer break:
  1. Helping homeless people around KL in Ramadhan through one of the charity organization (thank you for telling me about that)
  2. Nature photographing around Kedah's waterfalls and forests. 
  3. Going to Thailand's Phuket, Krabi and Hatyai with 10 other ex Maresmawians.
  4.  Taking my license. 
  5. Baking with mother, helping abah decorating and cleaning up the house front (almost every single evening). 

Last night I figured out how abah taught us about 'giving value' to something that you did. When I was a kid, like other kids, we like to watch our anime, cartoons etc on weekend. What more if it is your very favorite anime like Dragonball, Let's & Go, Beyblade, Shin Chan. Every now and then at that time, abah usually went to disturb our precious 'golden time', asking us to help him cleaning up the front of house. We, as usually, very much pissed off because, yeah, we had 5 days of school, and on weekend of course we really need some rest. After 3-4 calls, and a final 'shout', we eventually went out with a pissed-off face.That, in turns made my abah pissed off too. Lol. And he started to bringing back all those "abah penat kerja, minta tolong sikit pun tak boleh ke. Apa yang abah tak bagi kat hampa, bagitau tengok, haa, bagitau?". We, in response, just be in silence. We've got no point, even if we did have a point, better not to open our mouth. So we just did our work, with gloomy face, hoping someone else tomorrow gonna story us what happened on that particular missed episode.

And, in the evening, abah usually gonna shout "Abah nak pergi Sungai Petani. Sapa nak ikut?". And, we (still pissed off about that morning) asked him to get some specific confirmation "Pi kat mana abah?". And abah said "Centra square (a shopping mall there in Sungai Petani)". We, without any doubt, prepared ourselves wearing what we had to wear, and went with him. And he brought us to McDonald, or KFC, or Pizza Hut, it depends on his mood, and his wallet 'mood' too.

At first I don't really understand this, why he would interrupt us on our very favorite time in the morning, why??! As I stared at the wall of boredom reading this Orthopaedics and Traumatology notes, I got what that means. Abah usually keeps on repeating the same thing, "if anyone do good to you, be sure not to forget about him/her, help him back, appreciate him for what he/she did, give him something back".And he continued "That whats my grandfather taught us when we were little, he used to ask us to do some minor favor, and in returns, he gave us some coins to buy something".

The conclusion is, it doesn't matter who they are, you do not help people because they are your 'sefahaman', your religion mate, your siblings or races, what's more important is that, if someone or a person in particular helped you, you should appreciate him/her, and even better if you help him when he is trouble. Please know the difference between replying and giving something by ikhlas mean.

1. Replying: When someone gave something, you gave him something back in return FOR THE SAKE OF REPLYING.
2. Ikhlas: As in when someone give you something, you gave him something to APPRECIATE HIM.

Same act, but not the same 'intention'.

7 days moarrr!


  1. assalamualaikum..

    talking about ikhlas, i always like this definition given by angle pakai gucci. repost. reshare

    Apa itu ikhlas?

    Ikhlas itu bukannya apabila kita kononnya tidak mengharapkan sesuatu sebagai balasan, namun apabila langsung tidak diberikan penghargaan, kita sudah tidak keruan. Ikhlas itu bukannya memberikan sesuatu yang kita tidak kisah pon kehilangannya. Ikhlas itu bukan pula apabila kita memerlukan bantuan dan pertolongan, kita katakan, "Eh kau ingat tak dulu ada tolong kau.." atau "Saya bukan nak mengungkit, tapi ada sekali tu anda.." Dan ikhlas itu bukan juga kita berasa syok dan hidung kembang semangkuk apabila kita menyumbang sesuatu baik harta, tenaga mahupon jiwa, walaupon sudah kita yakinkan diri kita yang kita korbankan semua itu Insha-Allah ikhlas! Err.

    Tetapi ikhlas itu adalah kita benar-benar tidak mengharapkan apa-apa sebagai balasan, hatta ucapan penghargaan, senyuman mahupun kenyitan mata, melainkan keredhaan dan kechentaan Tuhan. Ikhlas itu adalah apabila kita memberikan sesuatu yang paling kita sayang dan amat sukar untuk kita lepaskan. Ikhlas itu adalah apabila seusai kita melaksanakan atau menyumbang sesuatu, kita terus menghidap amnesia, langsung tidak kita ingati apa-apa. Dan ikhlas itu adalah sumpah kita tidak merasakan apa-apa, tiada pertambahan saiz pada seluar, tiada pula mata bersinar-sinar apabila kita dilemparkan dengan pujian setinggi gunung, penghargaan seluas lautan. Ikhlas sebegini yang dikira Tuhan untuk dijadikan alasan melepaskan diri dari azab api neraka nanti, meskipon tiada manusia yang peduli.

    its seems hard but nothing is impossible.

    p.s: nanti dah tak sibuk, bagitahu ye..nak cakap pasal benda-benda yang awak nak buat bila jejak tanah melayu nanti..

    till then,

  2. Kita mungkin sedar yang kita tidak hidup dalam impian kita, tetapi kita tidak sedar bahawa diri kita adalah sebahagian daripada impian orang lain...-quoted

    impian mak abah, impian adik beradik, impian keluarga, impian semua

    keep fighting
    till the end


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