Friday, July 25, 2014


Aku rasa sampai satu tahap,
Semua kena belajar terima,
Yang semua orang ada cara fikiran berbeza.
Whats good for us isnt always whats good for them.
Macam satu peraturan.
Aturan perjalanan.

Sungguh tempat ini akan makin bersawang, tapi, aku rasa seseorang akan selalu jadi part of this blog. Or these blogs.
Seorang kawan.

Wherever you are, I hope that Allah will bless you forever, and grant you happiness in whatever youll be doing.
Cherish each and every moment in your life as you have always been some part of my life in acknowledging the meaning of life.
If, you think this is an an end, then, I cant help myself from NOT putting a dot to this end.
It might be the ending word of a sentence, but, it is not the true end.
Because memories never have an end.

At some point in life, you might think that certain decision is inevitable.
For your own sake of happiness.
Some people might understand, some people might not.
And I really do. Because I did the same, regardless of what they might say.
There is no such term as selfishness in obtaining what you want when what you did is for yourself and for others good.

What more can I say.
What more.

A friend is a friend.
As they say, when you grow up older, you will come upon realisation that, it doesn't matter how many friends you gonna have in your life, but, its which friends who gonna stick with you through thick and thin.
And you did.
Thank you for that.

Good luck in your future endeavours, iA.

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  1. happiness is not something we define by whom we're with. happiness is when we see those whom we love happy- rodieR

    ~asal awak gembira, tu dah cukup untuk saya..
    please, it is not easy for me as well..


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