Monday, February 3, 2014

UK Winter Trip: London & Manchester


Ok the last 2 weeks had been so hectic, so, I suddenly stopped blogging. Its not because I don't want to, but really I dont have any time to update this blog. The last paper was the Paediatric examination; one of the hardest exams in here because it is a STATE exam, and plus, we had to answer the exam fully in Russian. Fuh. A bit proud, I must say since I actually PASSED the exam. Passing an exam in medicine is totally equivalent to getting an 90++ in SPM ok?

Anyway, just right after my Paediatric exam finished, I had only around 4 hours to pack in everything from A to Z, the documents, clothes, plan, etc for my/our winter vacation trip to UK. I must say that, this was totally a vacation trip, not a traveling trip. There is a HUGE difference in using both terms, which most people do often use the term 'traveling' rather than 'vacation'. I think, I don't have to emphasize these terms, shall I? Anyway, here we go, I went to UK as a group of 4 people (including myself): Syamim, Syamil, Amir, and me (of course). The thing about our vacation was, everything was YOLO. We dont actually have a distinctive plan before we went to UK. Everything was planned on the first day when we arrived in London. Well, after we got our hands on few handy pamplets and tourist guides to etc etc.

See, why I use the term 'vacation'?

 Anyway, I am not gonna write every single thing that happened in London and Manchester, because it will take a whole lot of energy to actually move my will to do it, what more my fingers lol. So, to make everything not so lame and boring, why don't just I describe everything according to these pictures, ok?


This is the Clock Tower, famously known as the 'Big Ben'. Actually the Londoners prefer it to be called as the clock tower, since the term Big Ben is not actually accurate. Big Ben was a actually an Minister of Development, who his was Benjamin, and he was so fat. He was responsible in upgrading this clock tower to make it look much more 'grand-er' than it was then. So, yeay to Clock Tower, nay to Big Ben. Anyway, pure beauty of Gothic architecture, isn't it? 

the mates (from left): Amir Rusli, Syamim Mamat, and Syamil Menza

Wonder why I kinda know much about London's Big Ben (and some other stuffs?): Well here's the answer. On the second day of our trip, we took a free walk tour throughout London, mainly through the Royal District of London (Westminster region). Pack with information, this tour guide certainly has his enthusiasm in telling us the history of London, in a nutshell. Well, London, as complex as its tube system, the history behinds actually are much more dreadfully complex. A must for every tourist coming to London! It's free anyway!

Typical church in typical London.

In front of National Gallery of London. And this square (I actually forgot whats the name) has its own history behinds. And the story of the battle between English and France, etc etc, took place in here. Nelson, one of the greatest Navy captain of the English army, actually has his statue somewhere around here.*sidenote: war. Blind Nelson. Nelson rotten body in a brandy drink. (just to keep me remember of what the tour guide told us)

National Gallery of London. Free admission by the way.

"And why the hell all of sudden, there is a giant blue cock in this square?" And everyone LOL-ed pretty hard. Some said it is a a symbol of peace between the French and English, or the way General Nelson posed proudly, but, it is actually a mockery statue of men who actually pose proudly but do nothing in their lives. Well, this is what you expect from a PURE FEMINIST statue make.

National Gallery

Abaikan. Untuk rekod di dalam blog semata-mata.

The thing about London is, the foods are everywhere. The halal foods. And what more the Malaysian foods. For heaven sake, I tried every single food that I didn't get a chance to eat ever since 1.5 years of not going back to Malaysia (but still I really wanna eat like a pig once I step into Malaysia in the next few months, tee hee). Name it: roti canai, nasi lemak, masak itu masak ini, and even Mee Rebus pun! This is vacation, not traveling. See the difference?

This is a castle where Princess Diyana lived when she was cast out from the Palace. The it doesn't even seem like a castle, the bricks etc. And Prince Charles home is actually just beside this castle. Not a fan of this royal thingy, but, I know Kate Middleton lawa kot!

In front of the castle. Actually every few hours, the guards will be changed. And we were just right on time when the guards actually going to change. *Side note: Prince, 6 wives. Why 6 wives? Royal Bloodlines. Sons. Daugthers. Bloody Mary. Religion changing: Christian Catholic, Christian Protestans.

The Guards changing!

Clive! Near the Churchill Museum. A must for military history enthusiastic.

Westminster: The most hideous gigantic church. Minster actually means a church but it is much more better architecturely developed. This is where some of the famous persons dead body are buried. Well that was before 19xx (tak ingat). And they all are buried as 'ash'.

Back of the Westminster.

Best tour guide EVER! I was actually kinda lucky enough to watch lots of English shows, Gordon Ramsays, Jonathan Ross Shows etc because without em', I actually couldn't pick a single word from his thick accent. Bravo Jack!

Mini cooper. One day, oneee fineee dayyy!

Of course, a picture with the great Nelson Mandela. No wonder even Dr. Mahathir adores him.

I guess, its must to take a picture with this classic London telephone booth aite?

Strolling around the Green Park. Near the Buckhingham Palace. *Side note: Michael. Drunk man. Sleep with Queen. Security. Epic awkwardness.

Just like a place I dreamed of, except, this is in a park. I wish my home will be like this. Near a lake, with ducks swimming.

Rare: This tree actually grow in 'spiral' manner. It is preserved in the Green Park.

Madame Tussaud: Its like a must to visit this place. Since I had lots of pictures in here, so I decided not to put em, because, too many poses which are soooo notttt appropiate. lol.

The London Aquarium!

This is actually a real fish, or I must say, eels. And they actually don't swim like snakes like typical typical eels do, instead, the just sit there inside the sands, and chilling around like a tree. Weird fish is weird.

Waahhh lawanye lawanyeeeeeeee ikan ni ade blink-blink dekat sisik dia! *Tengok description: "Ouh ok, damn you damn damnnnnnnnnn!"

Yeah, its Piranha. Oh God.

Labi-labi. Dekat kampung belambak.

Yang dekat kampung ada. Tapi minta simpang laa tak nak jumpa oii.

A tropical frog!

Who wouldn't love penguins? *aww*

My dream accomplished: Finally reached  the Theatre of Dreams; the Old Trafford, Manchester!

In remembrance of Munich tragedy. My face reaction is improper with what the actually tragedy is.

Signing in a new player maybe?

The players dressing room. OMG I actually in here!!!!

Nurul Aimi Asyraf: My roommate when I was in MRSM Langkawi. And know he is studying Petroleum Engineering in Manchester University. Same old guy. I actually kinda feel really terharu (tak igt word apa) when my friends from all over the European country actually came in to Manchester to gather around. Among them were: Soleh (the one who is smiling -.-") from Belfast, Anuar Wawa Ramli from Dublin Ireland, Akmal and Jamil from Sheffield, Athief from Bath Uk, Aiman from London, Faaez from Nizhny Novgorod. It is always and alwayssssss a good time to be with friends. Suddenly I feel young, and old. Sigh.

Went to Brittania Stadium, at Stoke City to watch Stoke City vs Manchester United game. My first ever football live football game. And it happened to be me watching an EPL game which cost me around 40 pound. But worth every pence of it. I didn't even watch any football game live in Malaysia, and don't be surprise, and not a single live badminton match too! Surely, the bestttttttttttttttttt experience ever!

Lindergaard and David de Gea!

Juan Mata!!!!!!

Chicarito Hernandez!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing the players: The first thing that I screamed is when I get to see each and every MU players on the pitch. They really thiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssss close to our seats. Its actually the same feeling as when the girls watched a '1 Direction' concert. Exactly! And this is Wayne Rooney. Every football fan knows him. Ouh such a talented lad!

Robin Van Persieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Stoke Fans: Actually, to my surprise, the olds actually acted like kids when they are watching this match. Totally fanatic fans all around us. Me, instead, was just a disguise Manchester United fan in Stoke City fans crowds. Wew.

Ashley Young

Just a brief brief brief story of my vacation. Learned a lot, but much importantly relieved a lot. I got to do a lot of things that I always dreamed of doing, and Alhamdulillah, I got the chances.

P.s: There is no reason for the local universities students to be jealous of what we went, what we uploaded on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter etc. God knows how much we actually wanna be in your place too, going back home to see our parents face every and each month. Ada kelebihan, ada juga keburukan. Everyone has their own rezk :)


  1. lawa giler gambar2 kau amik..! mcam gambar you would find in a magazine.. (h)

    1. thanks :)

      cari kat dalam magazine yang dijumpai dalam tong sampah lol. hey one day turun lah sendiri europe, u need to witness these :D

  2. Fuh. Tgk bola! Impressive. Ak g masuk tour stadium je datang sana.

    1. hahaha, budak pempuan nak tengok bola macam sangat impossible je. utk die hard core fans, mmg berbaloi laa hajar. takpe, hang dah conquer byk negara. aku ni mcm baby2 steps je lagi haha


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