Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Of RSSR and Terengganu...


I am busy enough to type in all the sort of things that happened to me lately. So, here are few updates. Not a few really because Im gonna talk a lot. You know what is inertia? Yeah, I am like inertia. Nak mula tu berat, but once I get comfortable with this keyboard, nothing in the world can stop me. Even my fingers.

Anyway, lets get straight to the point.

Ramadan is leaving us within 10 days. Not long enough. So, need to wake up for qiamullail and all organised in my local mosque. Gladly. iA if my father wakes up early, I might be following him, kalau tak rezeki tu dekat Subuh jemaah je lah. Anyway, how is your ramadan doing? Mine is far much more better than before. I hope it will be continuous. I admit there are some slacks, anyway I'm human too right? Mistakes are not escapable, but avoidable. And because of ramadan, I dont really have time to blog anything really, just go to mosque for terawikh prayer, and go back home at 10:40 and I already feels tired. Everyday. Its the kind of 'tiredness' that is 'enjoyable'. Weird much. :)

Even though it was Ramadan, I made a crazy plan of travelling to Terengganu. I travelled there for a program organised by AZAM Russia [combined usrah-usrah or daurah group (?)] which anually being held recently which is called as RSSR. The theme was simple: "big things start here". Cool. At first we were given like a question by Akh Muizz "Find yourself what is the 'big' thing in this camp". Its not as simple as being there for holiday. For relaxation. For pleasure of being with friend. Or even to make new friends. It is more than that. It is the destiny of us of breaking the history again. Uprising the falling plot that we learn last time in ISK (Ini Sejarah Kita). Big point, with of course a big responsibility to do make it realized. Anyway, find it amusing because everyone there really has a prospect in their life. The vision. Mission. #Respect!

Our time there are filled with slots. About 3-4 slots as far as I can remember. And each slots told different things with a bigger opened mind. From ISK to Arab Spring. And not to forget, ar Rijal (youth) role in community and world. The slots are incredible and awesome enough, especially when it comes to politics (Arab spring), though most of audiences there (especially akhowat kan) slept -.-'. And do to some interesting topic being talked there, I had lot of questions to ask. Some of them are already answered (when I personally approached the speaker), and some of them are not because when I looked at those sleepy eyes who really eagerly wanted their bed, so I decided not to ask. So here are few points that I found it a lil bit un-trust-able. IDK if there were influenced by some political parties, IDK, and I dont want to make such accusations in this blog. Just to remind you first. OK?

  1. First of all, the speaker for the slot 2 (about ISK I think), told of how our Malaysian textbook is a fraud. He said that A Rahman Limbong, Tok Janggot, were the great ulama at that time, who fought British for the sake of ummah at that time, instead of fighting over raised tax and bla bla. I have a question, I really wanna know, from where did he get the facts? I need a reference, not just simply by telling my grandchildren random story like that. SO, no prejudice on this, but I just wanna know the source. That's all. 
  2. Second of all, is for speaker in slot 2 too. Well this is pretty much dissapointing. You talked about ghazul fikri which is true. The way you make a fact and prejudice like that, was not so cool bro. Not cool. Dont manipulate facts. I saw what you did there. You asked "Awak tak pelik ke, time merdeka, tiba-tiba siapa entah orang bernama Tengku/Tuanku Abdul Rahman tiba-tiba muncul, tiba-tiba jadi perdana menteri and poof terus bebeas Tanah Melayu kita, awak tak pelik ke?". Okay then. At first I was like"Eh, a'ah kan?". But and then "No its not". So here is why:  "Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj was born on February 8, 1903, in Alor SetarKedah. Tunku was the 7th child of Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah, the 24th ruler of Kedah.". Okay please give full information before you try to manipulate others ok. So as someone who has an English background education, and he took law, plus he was one of the Sultan Abdul Hamid children, the possibility of him to raise/lead up was high. Plus, you cant just simply send someone who is non english background to deal with the English. Struggle for Tunku Abdul Rahman was not something easy as making a pancake. Remember that everyone sold their jewelleries, golds and stuffs just to give TAR money to go to England, to embrace our independence? Tolonglah, jangan manipulate fakta. Tolonglah. Make it clean guys. Make people think! Don't make a nonsense facts or questions! *Here is one of the bit that I disspointed in RSSR*. 
  3. Third, I have an answer to the question asked by the speaker in i-dont-know what slot. He stated "Saya tak paham kenapa government buat dasar apa yang menyebabkan banyak sangat foreigner dalam Malaysia dan ini membawa kepada kesan buruk in the future *something like that*". My answer: "Because Malays are lazy as pigs to move their butt to do those construction work which pays him only RM30 per day and you have to work from 8 am till 6 pm at the construction base". Kalau aku sendiri tak mahu. But then you ask this sort of simple question, professor? Dont believe it? ask any construction worker how much they earn per day compare to your salary. 
and few other stuff. Overall RSSR was great, please dont make a bit cacat like this. Please. I prefer the sort of thing that make you think yourself, and you realize it yourself. Anyway, everything else was far much more greater, that you shouldnt focus on this small particualr thing. Ok I know someone will get 'butthurt' reading this, but these are merely my opinions. 

"Ukhuwah itu sweet. Ukhuwah fillah itu indah. Cadbury white chocolate"


p/s: after 10 years of waiting, finally I met my one and only kakak-angkat in Terengganu. May Allah bless you with success and barakah Kak Reena! :)


  1. Kita marah2 orang luar negara double standard kita di negara diorang, lupa pulak macammana kita layan orang indonesia, bangladesh ape semua tu kat negara sendiri.

    -Bila dah rasa jadi orang asing di negara orang-

  2. sedikit demi sedikit, unsur-unsur politik demokrasi akan diselitkan dalam usrah-usrah bersilibuskan ikhwanul muslimin. Benda ni dah berlaku kat pas, tak mustahil akan berlaku benda yg sama kat organisasi-organisasi lain macam ikram.

    aku tak menafikan bahawa memang ada taktik keji barat dalam nak memecahbelahkan umat islam. membawa masuk pekerja asing ke dalam sesebuah negara, mengamalkan dasar pecah dan perintah, menggariskan sempadan-sempadan negara bagi memberi ruang kepada nasionalisma...itu semua adalah sesuatu yang keji. Tapi menggunakan point2 ini dan mengambil peluang kesedaran orang lain untuk mendoktrinkan mereka supaya bersikap prejudis kepada selain mereka, adalah sesuatu yang tak betul.

  3. Maher: rasanya itulah yg terjadi bukan sekadar di russia, malah dipelusuk negara lain. Susahlah kalau fakta dinanipulasi atas kepentingan sendiri.


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